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Welcome to the portal to purchase articles based on my book, “The Game of Life & Success – Steps to Self Mastery & Happiness”. Click on the “Paypal - Add item to cart” option to purchase each article. Articles available are: -

Choice & Fear



Responsibility, Accountability, & Commitment

Ego as a Motivator

What You See Is What You Get

Live Your Passion

Know and Love Yourself

Fear and Love

Goal Setting and Affirmations

Values and Beliefs

Listen Effectively

Mind Power

Universal Mind Power


Gratitude and Giving

I’ve taken extracts from the book and re-written them in the format of articles, thereby brining to you key extracts of the sixteen ‘steps’ featured in the book.

Each article will give you a piece of the FULL power of what’s presented and offered to you in the book, inclusive of all the tools, case studies, wisdom in general, and ultimately a ‘template’ to profoundly transform your life, relationships, career, and business / organisation.

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Choice & Fear - Step One

“As individuals, teams, and or businesses / organisations, the choices we make, and whether we are driven by fear, has a direct and profound impact on the reality which we draw into our lives, relationships, careers, and businesses / organisations.

“Your life as you know and experience it is a direct result of the choices you have made and continue to make every moment of the day! The same applies to your business / organisation. Once you realise and embrace the magnitude of the foregoing statement (and reality), and choose to integrate into your /your team's way of thinking, behaving and way of being, you will find yourself / your team/s able to design a life and business / organisation of your choosing”.

Attitude - Step Two

“One’s attitude has a profound influence on what’s drawn toward one, individually and /or collectively. This is especially so where there is a common and collective attitude in society and businesses / organisations.

“Businesses / individuals that are underpinned by meaning and a collective attitude that’s orientated towards success have been shown to draw more ‘success’ than those businesses / individual that don’t have meaning and share a collective attitude of success. Therefore businesses / individuals must have meaning and invest time in shifting their collective attitude to being positive and success orientated. This begins with the individual and must eventually permeate the business / individuals life as a whole. In this article I explore the journey you could and should walk thereby assisting you to draw greater success to yourself, your relationships, career, and business”.

Intuition - Step Three

“The volume of literature worldwide, scientific experiments ,and professional programmes (such as those offered by the Gordon Institute of Business Science in South Africa, otherwise known as GIBS) that focus on accessing and using one’s intuition in our private lives, in our interpersonal relationships, and in business / organisations, bear testimony to the importance of you mastering the immense power of tapping into your intuition, and using the ‘insights’ that come to you, personally and in the business / organisation you find yourself within”. A critical step in self-mastery, mastering your intuition.

Responsibility, Accountability, and Commitment - Step Four

“An important step in your and your businesses / organisations (hence forth referred to as business/businesses) transformation is for you and all employees to choose to be responsible and accountable to yourself, your life, and your business / the business in which you work.  By choosing to take responsibility and become accountable for yourself, your life, and your business, you will bring about an extraordinary personal transformation, in your life, career, in your relationships, and the business in which you find yourself within.

“No one but you is responsible for your life.  In business however, individuals must be collectively responsible for its success, accountable for their own actions and responsibilities, AND committed to the businesses common values and vision, AND success”.

Ego As a Motivator - Step Five  

"If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that" - JW von Goethe

In his book, “Good to Great”, Jim Collins highlights research carried out for more than ten years on a set of truly great companies (those that consistently far outperformed the good performing companies) and how the research results revealed that one of the major contributing factors was a leader that did not lead out of ego. These leaders had the employees and the companies’ interests ahead of themselves/their own. Where the company succeeded, they looked to others as the reason for the success. Where there were failures, they looked to themselves as the cause. This is a leader that’s stepped completely out of ego as a motivator. So, the next step to self mastery and bringing about phenomenal results in your business / organisation, career, interpersonal relationships, and life, is for you to in an un-egotistical way, step into all that you are capable of becoming.

What You See Is WhatYou Get - Step Six

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” – Buddha

“Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge” - Plato - Ancient Greek Philosopher

“What you think about, with feeling, comes about”. In his book, “As a Man Thinketh”, James Allen said, “All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is a direct result of his own thoughts”. In his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill stated, “Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve”. In my humble opinion, the most powerful Law in our Universe is, what you see in your mind’s eye is what you get.

“Here the focus is for you to master your thoughts. Countless authors across the world have written book after book that attests to the foregoing. That means, what we think about with feeling, comes about. Step six states that as you become aware of and accept the fact that your dominant thoughts profoundly affect the reality you draw into your life, you can choose to bring about change.”

Live Your Passion - Step Seven

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” - Joseph Campbell

Do you ever ask yourself the following? Why do I experience little or no joy in my life? Is being successful really worth it? Who am I, where am I going, and what do I want out of life? How can I contribute more to mankind? Am I pursuing my passion?

Your answering these questions is bound to bring substantial insights to the fore. Many of these questions will be referred to as you ‘walk’ through the steps in my articles. Having said this, I encourage you to take some time, get a journal out, reflect on these questions, and journal on what comes up for you. This process is likely to play a substantial role in how your life unfolds going forward, provided you take action on what comes up for you.

So, the next step to self mastery and bringing about phenomenal results in your business / organisation, career, interpersonal relationships, and life, is for you to live your passion.

Know and Love Yourself - Step Eight

“Relationships and effective communication are the foundation of success in every aspect of your life, career, and business / organisation” - Steve Krummeck

“Interpersonal relationships, communication, and knowing and loving yourself are fundamental and essential to you living a healthy and prosperous life, AND to you succeeding in business / the organisation in which you find yourself. If you are unable to foster healthy and effective interpersonal relationships, communicate openly, honestly, and effectively, and don’t love yourself (not in a conceited way), you are doomed to have limited, if any, success in your life, career, interpersonal relationships, and in business / the organisation in which you find yourself.

So, the next step to self mastery and bringing about phenomenal results in your business / organisation, career, interpersonal relationships, and life, is for you to know and love yourself.

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